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Surdists United is committed to producing Deaf-themed books with Deaf authors, artists, and publishers. Click the image of the book you are interested in for more info. To order any of our books, go to: https://surdistsunited.square.site/


Wow, I am totally in love with your books … Big round of waving hands for your hard work publishing the book. I’m still emotionally overwhelmed after reading  them. Your project (written-story, poetry, illustrations) was so well thought out and planned. They should receive a children’s book award.
~ Susan Dupor, Deaf artist and teacher

“I received the books yesterday – how amazing! Of course, I dove right into the the chapter on my grandfather, which was so heartwarming. And then on to the other two – what an education I’ve just had – the info isn’t just for kids!

I’d like to share that the section on Cutapuis was a tad emotional – as I realized what care, respect and research you (Karen Christie) and Nancy had brought to the project. My sincere applause to you both for combing through so much to pull out such great nuggets of information. And the art designs were so true to him – I certainly recognized specific pieces of his artwork.”

~ Dana Turvey, granddaughter of John (Cutapuis) Clarke

Granddaughters of Cutapuis (John Louis Clarke) Dana Turvey (left fingerspelling to her Gramps), and her sister, Sharon (right)

Joey Baer’s Testimony

Joey Baer (white male wearing glasses and a blue shirt. Large linocut artwork by David Call of Thomas Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc signing “unity/connected” with a ship in the middle hangs on the wall behind Joey)

Hello – I want to share my remarks on two books I just received. (Holds up ABC Portraits of Deaf Ancestors book with Nancy Rourke’s painting of Laurent Clerc and Alice Cogswell forming the handshape C for their last names). And a more recently published work (Holds up Deaf Artist Ancestors with portraits of d’Estrella (art by Vicker Campos-Hamilton), Cutapuis (art by Nancy Rourke), and Mary Tillman Smith (art by Yusuf Yahya) and flips through the book.

Really, these are much needed recognition and documentation of Deaf artists and their lives. These books have stories that pass on information to our younger generation. They need to see there are many Deaf artists out there that have been overlooked in history. The more we collect this information, publish and share it, the more they will see and be inspired and know they can become artists In their own right. You know art can mean so many different things – the ways to creatively express your story and journey and collectively makes us stronger.

These are really great books and I encourage you to buy them and give your support so more books like this can be published so artists and other Deaf folks can be recognized. Well Done. Thank you.

Brochure for Ancestors Books from Surdists United

Inside brochure
Outside brochure
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