De’VIA Challenges

Nancy Rourke began doing month long challenges where she would do a new painting every day for one month. See this video for Nancy’s explanation of the challenges

Since 2014 De’VIA & Surdism Central FB group has hosted many challenges – some lasting one day and others lasting a full month.

Feb Challenges (annual month long challenge starting in 2015)
Feb 2015
Feb 2016
Feb 2017
Feb 2018
Feb 2019
Feb 2020
Feb 2021
Feb 2022

#Hands4Humanity (March 2020)
Two day challenge during the covid19 virus – trying to spread a little love and hope

Deaf Poetry Inspired Challenge (May 2019)
Deaf DeafBlind Poetry Inspired Challenge (Nov 2022)

Animal Motif Challenge (Aug 2016)
see under the video box for pdfs for each animal motif challenge

Kitchen Challenges
go to De’VIA Central FB and look for the photo albums

Self Portrait Challenge
 DeVIASelfportrait Challenge 2018 pdf jan 4 sketch then jan 6, 2018 final

Veditz Challenge
 VeditzDayChallenge2016  Anniversary of Veditz’s Birthday Aug 13, 2016

#Surdistsmakeartnotwar challenge – week long challenge in Aug 2017
SurdistsMakeArtNotWar ARTivism Challenge 2017

#inspirationchallenge – week long challenge in Aug 2017
each day a different deceased Deaf artist was assigned for us to study and be inspired by to create new works – using their style or imagery or ideas
info page with examples  inspiration challenge 2017 info
day 1 – Morris Broderson Day 1 M Broderson Inspiration Challenge rev
day 2 – Francisco Goya Day 2 Francisco Goya 2017
day 3 – Ferdinand Berthier day 3 berthier doc
day 4 – Harry Williams Day 4 Harry Williams 2017
day 5 – Lee Ivey IveyChallenge
day 6 – Betty G. Miller Day 6 Betty G miller
day 7 – Inspiration Challenge Day 6 Chuck Baird

De’VIA Theme Challenges
De’VIA History challenge:
Day 1 Deaf History DeVIA Day 1 b
Day 2 Deaf History DeVIA day 2 pdf
Day 3 deaf-history-challenge-revis-e28093-day-3-pdf
De’VIA ASL and Deaf Pride Challenge:
Day 1 of Two Day ASL Challenge
Day 2 of Two Day ASL Challenge

motifs all stevie naeyaert
Tree filled with 28 day challenge motifs by Stevie Naeyaert

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