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Deaf Artist Ancestors is an eye-catching picture book focusing on three Deaf artists, Theophilus d’Estrella, Cutapuis/John L. Clarke, and Mary T. Smith. These amazing artists were from different parts of the United States and all worked in different media (photography, sculpture, and mixed media). The stories of each artists’ life is illustrated by a contemporary Deaf artist who was inspired by original pieces of the Deaf ancestor artist  featured.

Deaf Artist Ancestors was created for Deaf and Hearing children as well as for their families, schools, libraries, and communities.  The Deaf authors designed each life story to stand alone or be read together in one sitting.  Young children may wish to have the stories read/signed to them until they are ready to read independently.  Repetition of lines and ideas across the stories create a sense of rhythm, emphasis and connection. The end of each story features an English Haiku as a tribute to these ancestors. Sit down and enjoy learning about the dynamic Deaf artist ancestors who were Theophilus d’Estrella, Cutapuis/John L. Clarke, and Mary T. Smith. 

Surdists United’s two latest books – De’VIA Ancestors and Deaf Artist Ancestors book covers. Testimonial:
“Wow, I am totally in love with your books … Big round of waving hands for your hard work publishing the books. I’m still emotionally overwhelmed after reading them. Your project (written-story, poetry, illustrations) was so well thought out and planned. They should receive a children’s book award.”
~ Susan Dupor, Deaf artist and teacher

3 Stories in each Book
De’VIA Ancestors – Betty G. Miller, Guy Wonder and Chuck Baird
Deaf Artist Ancestors – T. d’Estrella, John Clarke – Cutapuis, Mary T. Smith
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Printed by LionWorks Printing & Graphics at WPSD
Illustrations by Deaf Artists:
Vicki CH Campos-Hamilton
Laurie Rose Monahan
Bob Rourke
Nancy Oyos Nancy Rourke
Yusuf Yahya
Written by Deaf authors:
Karen Christie KC
and Patti Durr
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